Monday, May 18, 2009

My My...


Over a month since i've last posted an update! Sorry! I'm not even sure how many people even read this entries, but it's almost theraputic typing out all of the things in our lives.

So, in BIG NEWS: Tj got into the AECP program! WOO HOOO!!! Which means we are OFFICIALLY moving to Maryland! We are oh so excited!

Tj has to take a final PT test this Thursday, and then his package is finished, so then he'll send it off to the big wigs, and THEN the waiting game starts! Ugh, we have to wait to get our orders, to let us know when we need to be there. We can't start any of the moving process without the orders, so that is kind of frustrating...Oh well!!

The boys continue to grow! I wonder how I can slow that down a little? lol Nolan is crawling all over the place!! He crawls just like Gabe did, he pulls with his left leg, and drags his right, so funny. Sometimes he'll even get on the balls of his feet, and take steps with them-he looks like a little gorilla...haha

Gabe is still Gabe,lol...It seems like he adds 20 different words to his vocabulary every day. He's getting so big!! Pre-school when we get to Maryland!!! Where did my little boy go?! He tells me at least three times a day-"mommy, you booty-full" haha, what a love bug!

I am getting so excited about the thought of moving-i'll probably be eating those words as we get closer, and things get a little bit more hectic. BUT, for now, i'll stay optimistic and excited! I'm excited to start a new chapter to our lives, get out of the midwest for a little while-all the exploring in Baltimore and DC, gosh-DC!! I can't wait to get to the museums, and New York! We'll be close to the Big Apple, as well! I have a few friends that live on the Upper East Side (yuppies-lol-jk jk), so we'll have places to stay, and people to take us to the places only the locals know about.

How is everyone else doing? Ready for summer? I know i'm not, that bathing suit is like the devil. Just glaring at me-i probably won't get into it more than a few times. I am DEFINATELY not bathing suit ready. Unforunately, I am in that class of moms who don't loose much of their weight until AFTER they stop breastfeeding-lucky me. I get sooo hungry now! I feel like i've never eaten a bite somtimes.. It's nuts...

Ok, this should do for now, Nolan is having a crank fit, speaking of someone who is always



Thursday, April 2, 2009


Happy World Autism Day! Every 20 mins a child is diagnosed with Autism!!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Day Four

"How precious are Your thoughts to me...How vast is the sum of them! If I should count them, they would outnumber the sand..." (psalm 139:17-18)

Tj and I are reading a great new book, it's called "The Love Dare." Each day there is a new "dare" that we do, as a couple. Day four's dare was: "contact your spouse during the business of the day. Have no agenda other than asking how he or she is doing, and if there is anything you could do for them."

Every night we read the Dare for the next day, and when the next day rolls around, we make sure and work on what we read. We're learning to respect one another more, help one another more, love and be more considerate of one another. It's kind of funny that a book could help someone out the way it has us-and we're not even half way through!

Marriage and being a parent, it's the hardest job in the world. No one prepares you for it, it's not like they really can... And sometimes you feel like you are being pulled in a thousand different directions, your husband or wife should be the one that keeps you centered. For a while, I lost sight of my center-many people, and things, along with this book have helped me find that center again, Tj.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pay It Forward

The first 3 people to leave a comment on this post will receive a gift from me during this year.
When and what will be a surprise!
There's a small catch though....
Post this same thing on your blog and then come back and leave a comment telling me you're in.
Remember, only the first 3 comments receive the gift.
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Monday, March 16, 2009

Just Waiting...

So, it's 11 pm and here I am-just waiting an appointment online; here's the catch, I have to wait until midnight...ugh! They really want to make sure you want/need those appointments!lol

I am going to try and get my thyroid checked out. My great friend Amber (in florida, not cali-lol) mentioned something about doing it. After she had her daughter, she lost weight, and then gained a lot of it back-she was also really sluggish, and her hair came out in clumps...All of which I am experiencing-the one that bothers me the most, is you guessed it-the weight! I'm curious to see how much I weigh in at tomorrow, since i've been playing volleyball for about a month anyway.

I know that i'm not the only one who has problems loosing weight after a baby...I'm just not used to looking like I do, i'm also worried about my milk supply. I tried to cut back calories for a few days, and my supply went down enough for me to notice-i didn't have a good let down for two days...oi

I also started running again last night. Man it feels good!-for the most part...This morning when i woke up, I was reminded of a few things-I'm not as young as I used to be, and i should have walked A LOT more before I came inside afterwards...oh boy!haha

I have been taking the girls with me when i run-the three of us need some exercise! I loop one of their leashes around the other, then tie another around my waist... I feel really great after I finish-i ran two miles last night, and pumped out another tonight... I think I am going to go out and find a leash that I can hook the both of them to, tomorrow. I know they have them, i'll have to do some investigating :)
We were in KC last week, and while we were out boppin around, we went into a Hot Topic (for giggles) and one of the guys that worked there gave me a business card for his wife's business. She has a cloth diaper business! She makes her own diapers, covers, AND she travels to lawrence and topeka to deliver and pick up new/dirty diapers!! I wish there was someone here in town that did that! Gosh, that would make my life so much easier!! I think I might google it and see what i come up with!

I hope everyone is doing well!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Monday, February 23, 2009

Finally, an update!

Hello Lovelies!
So, i haven't updated in a quite a while! I check to see if I have any comments during the day, and I wonder why I don't have any! Maybe, it's because I don't update! :)
I think Nolan is trying to get some teeth!! Poor guy only ate about four times today, and he has four little white dots on the bottom set of his gums! I hope he doesn't start to bite when he nurses now!! OUCH!
Gabe has been a little bit of a stinker the last couple days. I'm not sure what his deal is, but i'm sure in the next few days he'll even out a bit. It seems like whenever he misses a nap one day, the next few are a hit and miss...
We are going to my parents' house this saturday. My girlfriend katie is getting married, March 7th! How exciting!! I still need to try and find something to wear, I just haven't had any luck! I found a dress from Gap-but to make it look better, i am going to need to get the pockets sewn shut. They hit right at my hips, and make me look really wide-no one needs that!!
Vicki bought me a wonderful book called " Easy Green Living" I LOVE it! It has bits on how to read labels, the best cleaning products, recipes for cleaning products, face masks and everyhing you ever would want and need to know about being green!
My friend Amber had mentioned something about pthatlates, and that I should look them up. I googled them, and I couldn't find much. I was pleased to find that there is quite a bit about them in "Easy Green Living." Pthatlates are used to make fragrance last longer, whether it be in air freshener or cleaning products. They cause reproductive and developmental disorders, and cancer; they have a bigger effect on men-they can also cause testicular atrophy! OI VE!! All that just for a smelly good room!! Its reccommended that you use the reed diffusers instead of a spray or the plug ins-but you need to make sure that they are derived from plant sources...
Did you know that if just one New Yorker would use a cloth sack for their groceries, it would prevent 5 MILLION pounds of waste, and save $250,000 in disposal costs??
I'm going to try and include at least one new thing that i've learned from this book every post or so...Maybe if someone just glances through my posts and sees my green tips and tid bits-then maybe they'll apply it to their daily routines. I know it's a task to grab a book and flip through to find the things that might apply to you-so ill make it easy on you! :)
We love ya'll, hope you have a good week!!